Building a Facebook ad campaign

Nowadays, marketing on social media platforms is hardly a luxury. People spend a huge amount of time going about their online life and no matter how much you try, you can’t disregard how much your business will benefit from joining them there, especially on Facebook. 


Fortunately, Facebook provides you with a number of ways to use it to your advantage, from paid ads bestowing the algorithm power upon you, to the ads manager that helps you set everything up easily and without any hindrance. 


And since different businesses need different approaches, and if Facebook offers you what you need, it probably has what others need too. This means that you’ll face a lot of options in every step of the way. To avoid being overwhelmed by all of these choices, it’s crucial to decide on a couple of things from the start and then delve in. 


What am I promoting exactly? 

You need to decide what products or services you’re going to focus on promoting. Businesses that offer a collection of products often fail to target a specific audience because of their failure to focus on certain items for their ad campaign. This leads to messy and disoriented ad posts that leave customers and users confused.

And remember, you have to fully understand the nature of your product in order to market it right.  


What do I want? 

Facebook ads are all about targeting, so you have to be able to specify your needed audience. This means you’ll need to decide whether to filter by age, location, gender.. and so on. 

With that done, you’ll need to decide your goal. What do you aim to achieve with this campaign? Is it selling more, building engagement, brand awareness? Or is it video views or app installs? The ad manager will provide you with choices to pick your objective from and the answer is crucial to your success.


Where do I want my ads to be seen? 

Next, you’ll need to decide where your ads show in terms of device type. You can have them appear on mobile only, desktop only, or both. You will also decide if you’ll be advertising on facebook only or Instagram and messenger too. Then, you’ll choose where, in every app, your ad will be displayed (story, newsfeed, videos..etc). 

These decisions are directly linked to the type of product you’re selling, type of posts you’ll be sharing, type of audience you’re targeting, and your budget of course. 


And now, what is your budget and how you’re going to spend it? 

You’ve now reached the budget options. Here you’re going to choose if you’re going with a daily budget of something more long term. You can choose certain days to display your ads on, even certain times of day, to make the most out of your money. 


What kind of ad? 

You’ll be able to optimize many small details along this journey but a huge detail that is very critical to your campaign is your ad format, which is your next decision. 

You can choose if you want video ads, carousel ads, photo ads or even collections. Study your audience well and decide what will work best for them and for your product.


That’s basically it. All you’re gonna need to do from now on is to check your URLs and descriptions and you’re good to go. Monitor the performance of your campaign and test different approaches to get the best results, and you’ve got yourself an ads campaign. 




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