Facebook ads and why you need them

There’s no effective online marketing strategy that doesn’t include the most popular social media networking site; Facebook. Up to 80% of internet users spend a huge chunk of their time scrolling Facebook and interacting with its posts. That’s a conversation that never ends and you can’t waste the opportunity to be part of it. Paid ads campaigns will help you reach out to people that are more likely to use your service or purchase your product and that’s why it’s a great value for your money if you learn to do it right. 


Here are some of the most important reasons you should get your ad campaign on Facebook right now. 


Targeting saves money and effort

Facebook provides one of the most effective targeting approaches on the internet. You can reach people based on where they live, their age, their daily habits and interests, purchasing history, and a lot of other personal stuff they share with facebook. This means that your ads are read by people who are open to the idea of making a buy or even sharing your posts with their circles of like-minded people. 


No wasting time

Facebook ads tend to have a semi-immediate effect from the start even though they are relatively cheap. You can see a significant increase in your reach and traffic in virtually no time, which makes an ad campaign on Facebook an ideal solution to get things going for a starting business or a business whose online marketing fell to a stalemate. 

In addition to the traffic on your social media and website, facebook ads are found to have a serious impact on leads and sales, increasing your revenue and enhancing your brand awareness. 


Easy to follow

With Facebook, you’ll easily be your own analyst. All the important metrics are measurable and quantifiable with numbers mirroring everything you do and every decision you make. This advantage gives you the sweet ability to adjust your strategy according to concrete results and to immediately change anything that turns out to be a mistake along the way. 



An awesome feature of Facebook ads that comes really in handy. Say, a person browsed your website but didn’t make a purchase and left, Facebook will get your sponsored social media sponsored posts to show up on their feed, Re-marketing your business to them, making them more likely to actually make that purchase they’ve been hesitant about. 


Easier email-marketing

Facebook ads can help you directs customers and leads to forms that get them to share their emails, helping you to create a more effective email list. This works for any type of marketing you need contacts for, and will significantly improve people’s response to your marketing. 


Better facebook activity, better SEO

Your ranking on search engine results is found to be greatly enhanced by using FB ads. Ads increase traffic and engagement which reflects positively on the signals that search engines use to rank results. Better social media activity also plays a role in helping people to trust you, increasing brand awareness even more, and helping you to up your game in the SEO field. 

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