The hidden side of social media and how to make the best of it

What is social media? The first thing that comes to mind is that they are websites where people head to so they can simply socialize and kill time,  writing, interacting with one another or with a group, and sharing stuff. It’s easy to imagine Facebook and twitter when talking about social media. However, there is more to social media than just networking. A plethora of social media websites exists to provide a specific experience or to serve a distinct need for users. People visit these websites with one thing in mind and if you get that thing right, a good impression will instantly burst into existence. Of course, you have to know how to best model your content for these specialized platforms if you’re aspiring for an effective, all-encompassing digital marketing strategy. 


Bookmarking websites

Remember when you used to save pages to your browser while surfing the net whenever you find something intriguing you wanna read later or don’t wanna lose access to? Today, this is being done every second of the day online via bookmarking websites and apps with great accessibility. Think StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and Pocket. 

If your content is catchy, easy on the eye, informative and well structured, users will be more inclined to bookmark your pages and share them into groups, leading algorithms to recommend you to new interested users all the time. This will give you a great amount of traffic and exposure among those who are interested in your type of business. 


Reviewing sites

Either stand-alone reviewers like yelp or a side of a bigger website like Amazon, TripAdvisor, and the like, it’s important to always be close to your customers even after you provide them with a service or a product. People usually check for reviews and opinions before making a purchase and bad reviews quickly turn them away. Seeing and responding to those reviews helps you figure out anything wrong you’ve been doing unknowingly, enhancing your customer experience and making you appear closer to your audience. It’s important for your business to connect with people and quickly make amends when anything goes wrong. With that, you can expect your customers to bestow their loyalty upon your brand. 



A trend on the rise and you’ve got to hop on its fast train. Podcasts are media files (mostly audio but also video) in an episodic fashion being distributed all over the net where it can be enjoyed from an original website of downloaded onto one’s computer or phone. 

Podcasts offer a great value to their subscribers and they come determined to pay attention to them. This is why it’s such a good opportunity for you to be mentioned (as a topic or sponsor) in them since you’ll be associated with their value and receive praise for investing in them. 

Support podcasts relevant to your field and learn from then while supporting them. As a matter of fact, podcasts are so easy to produce that you can start one on your own if you have the experience, enriching people’s minds while also getting the exposure. 


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